To train local teachers on the use of the meteorological data gained by the DESERVE Weather Friendship, members of the IMK-TRO at KIT visited the Palestinian and Israeli schools of the DESERVE Weather Friendship.  

In total, 25 teachers participated in four training courses that were based on the meteorological measurement data of the schools participating in the DESERVE Weather Friendship. Diversified examples and exercises illustrated prominent meteorological phenomena in the Dead Sea region such as the land-sea breeze. Moreover, the participants were taught in the calculation of monthly sums, averages and extreme values of e.g. temperature and precipitation, with the help of the online visualization tool of the measurement stations. First, data were evaluated for their own school weather station. Second, results were compared to the meteorological data of the other schools of the DESERVE Weather Friendship and differences have been interpreted.



Similar courses are foreseen at the Jordanian schools participating in the DESERVE Weather Friendship in early 2016.

The DESERVE Weather Friendship is a transboundary meteorological monitoring network at schools in the Dead Sea area. At present, two school weather stations are installed in Israel, Jordan, and Palestine respectively. By collecting and analyzing their own weather data, the children learn about the weather in their region. Each hour, current weather data such as air temperature, wind direction, wind speed, and rainfall are automatically transferred to an online available visualization tool. The children can access the measurements of their own meteorological station as well as the measurements of the other schools participating in the DESERVE Weather Friendship.