In cooperation with local partners, a network of meteorological stations is established around the Dead Sea in Israel, Palestine and Jordan. Up to seven stations record data on the current weather conditions and on evaporation in the Dead Sea region.  

The meteorological station at Masada (Israel) is already operating since 2006. In spring 2014, the meteorological station at Panoramic Complex (Jordan) and 3 fully equipped energy balance stations (EBS) were build up. One EBS was erected at the shore line of the open Dead Sea (Ein Gedi Beach), one over bare soil (Ein Gedi Spa) and one within vegetation (Kane). The EBS measure the complete energy balance of a surface with high frequency and precision. The first meteorological station in Palestine (Auja) was build up in November 2014.

In October 2015, the EBS Kane was moved by members of the IMK-TRO at KIT to a dike within the evaporation ponds near Ein Boqeq. The aim is to get information on evaporation from different water surfaces (open Dead Sea water vs. evaporation ponds) under different weather conditions. As all stations are equally equipped a comparison of pan to lake evaporation is also possible.