Within the framework of DESERVE, the Helmholtz Centre Potsdam GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences invites applications for two PhD positions entitled "Seismic Risk" and “Numerical Modeling of Sinkholes”. Both positions are in close cooperation with DESERVE partners in Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian territories and enable the participation at the interdisciplinary DESERVE summer schools and field campaigns. The PhD position “Seismic Risk” is related to the DESERVE work package 5. The aim of the PhD is to address the comprehensive assessment of seismic risk for a set of selected test sites in the Dead Sea region.

The PhD position “Numerical Modeling of Sinkholes” is related to the DESERVE work package 1.The aim of the PhD is to investigate the onset and evolution of sinkhole collapse by means of numerical modeling. The project shall contribute to the development of better forecasts of collapse events and future applications of early warning systems.

The job announcements can be found here.