As first field campaign of work package 1 of DESERVE, a shallow seismic survey was performed between 20. October - 1. November 2013. In the area of recent sinkhole activity in Ghor Haditha (Dead Sea/Jordan) especially shear wave seismic methods were applied. This campaign was a joint effort of three partners: NRA (non-seismic investigations), LIAG (shearwave reflection seismics), and GFZ (H/V seismic spectral investigations). The field crew spent 10 days in the NRA field camp and acquired four reflection seismic profiles of 1.8 km total length to yield a high-resolution structural image of the subsurface. Environmental seismic noise measurements accompanied the active seismic experiment. First data inspection reveals subsidence and sinkhole features, as well as strong reflectors at ca. 70 m depth.

The whole team enjoyed the first geophysical field survey and looks forward to intensify this fruitful cooperation.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Charlotte Krawczyk
Leibniz Institute for Applied Geophysics
Section 1 - Seismics - Gravimetry - Magnetics
Stilleweg 2
30655 Hannover