The Dead Sea Research Venue hosted the second DESERVE Winter School at Madaba (Jordan) from 4 to 15 December 2016. DESERVE welcomed 25 students from universities and research institutions, in particular Master and PhD students, with manifold educational background ranging from geophysics to hydrology and meteorology and common interest in the Dead Sea region.

The Winter School focused on sinkholes, seismicity, and hydrogeology in the Dead Sea region. It was opened with a science slam where each participant presented his/her research in an entertaining way, only with the help of a self-drawn picture. At temperatures still above 20°C, the participants applied photogrammetry, electromagnetics and shear-wave reflection seismics to characterize sinkhole areas and processed the collected data afterwards. They were very lucky in experiencing the arrival of a flash flood and measuring its discharge. All field days were accompanied by lectures and exercises given by internationally recognized researchers of the DESERVE community. The lectures and exercises included the basic concepts of the estimation of discharge and groundwater age, sinkhole development and characterization methods, seismic rupture and waves, earthquake location, magnitude, moment and displacement, as well as the basic concepts of seismic hazard assessment. The Winter School was closed with a farewell dinner.



The participants’ feedback was very positive. DESERVE is pleased that the Winter School brought forward their research as well as contributed to the scientific exchange within and among the different disciplines. There was a great atmosphere among the students. They enjoyed their stay, had a lot of fun and made new friends.

It totally went beyond my expectations. It was a great opportunity and it was really important to meet people from different backgrounds.”(Feedback of one participant)

DESERVE would like to thank all lecturers for sharing their knowledge and experience. An event like the Winter School would not be possible without their support. A special thanks goes to the motivated participants of the DESERVE Winter School. Thank you very much for your participation and your active contribution in this event. It was a great pleasure to host you at Madaba.