In March 2014, several flood surges arose in Wadi Ze'elim fan. The Ze'elim fan opposite Mezada Mountain has recently been developing many sinkholes and the Geological Survey of Israel (GSI) is studying among others the interaction of sinkhole formation and flood waters. The Ze'elim is monitored as of this hydrological year by a new hydrometric station as part of the DESERVE WP6. Flood hydrographs have been acquired for several rises and water samples were automatically collected to determine the chemistry and suspended sediment content of the Judean Desert in this essentially unpolluted territory. It is one of several such stations in the western part of the Dead Sea incorporated into DESERVE.

A meeting this month between the relevant hydrology and climate partners (BGU, UFZ, TAU and HUJI) is part of an advanced stage of cooperation on monitoring and modelling floods and flood alert.

The video clips stress the importance of the DESERVE Virtual Institute, as they exemplify cirum-Dead Sea interactions between hydrology and geophysics (sinkholes) on the one hand, and between hydrology and climate (rainfall and runoff) on the other.

Credits:  The video clips were prepared by Elad Dente (HUJI) and Dr. Nadav Lensky and Dr. Gidi Bar (GSI).

© Jonathan Laronne (BGU)