With KITcube, the Institute for Meteorology and Climate Research at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology arrived at the Dead Sea with an excellent equipment of modern measurement instruments for experimental studies of the atmosphere.  

The KITcube is an overall monitoring system that consists of different instruments to probe the atmosphere. It can survey an atmospheric volume of about 10 km side length with different methods and thus allows the temporally and spatially complete capturing of all relevant processes. In the past, the instruments for ground-based remote sensing of the atmosphere (lidar) and the instruments for in-situ measurements (turbulence, radiation, measurement towers) have been used in large international field programs worldwide.

During HEADS 2014, the KITcube will investigate evaporation within the valley of the Dead Sea with special emphasis on the evaporation from the open Dead Sea water surface by long term eddy correlation measurements. Additionally, the formation and the life cycle of haze in the Dead Sea valley by four-dimensional measurements of flow and stability within the Dead Sea valley will be investigated. The measurement will be performed during the dry and the wet season at Masada (Israel) and different locations in Jordan.